Canterbury Alcohol and Drug Service

Thank you for supporting us to effectively educate our clients on better oral health care.

Your generosity has enabled us to provide dental packs for clients, children as well, and this has been most effective.

We have noted over time that we have improved client access to services and there is less use of opiates to manage dental pain.


Canterbury District Health Board 

This is a very heartfelt thank you to the BYTE charity. 

Over the last 12 months, there have been over 2000 BYTE packs distributed to people receiving long term support from outpatient mental health services in Canterbury.

The BYTE packs have been very gratefully received by the clients. Additionally, the frontline staff is also finding it much more helpful to be providing practical oral health help. 

Next year we are expanding the program to include distribution of BYTE packs through pharmacies that dispense methadone and provide needle exchange services. We will also be distributing BYTE packs through NGO mental health organisations. Our goal is to regularly provide BYTE Packs to Cantabrians supported by the Equally Well program. 

It has been wonderful working with the BYTE charity. They have been extremely responsive and flexible often providing BYTE packs at short notice and in large quantities. 

We could not have contemplated such an ambitious goal without the passion and generosity of the BYTE group. 

Juliet Gray,
Special Needs Dentist 

Sacred Heart School

Dear Byte

On behalf of our students and their families, I wish to thank you for your very generous gift of toothbrushes and toothpaste. With many migrant students, we are strongly promoting the need for healthy eating and care of teeth.

Your very kind gift is a huge support in our teaching program.

STAND for Children

Hi Byte

Thank you so much for your generous donation of the "toothpaste packs".

We make it part of our routines for the children to clean their teeth three times daily and we know that once this habit is installed in them they are keen to carry it on. We really value the support you give us to enable this to happen.

Salvation Army, Sydenham

Dear Byte

"Thank you for arranging the provision of BYTE toothpaste and toothbrush packs to our community ministries around Christchurch this year.

The Salvation Army continues to work with increasing numbers of families who struggle to make ends meet. To be able to provide families with the ability to maintain healthy oral care as a part of our food assistance or budgeting services is a most welcome and appreciated gift. The Salvation Army thanks you and your trustees for considering those struggling in our community with this fabulous initiative. We are delighted to partner with you."